SASKATOON -- Following the bitter cold snap in Saskatchewan, an imaginative young girl returned outside to the snowpile in her yard, with her favourite chicken in tow.

“We had been sitting and chatting and she was just cuddling with the chicken and then Lennon looked over and announced she was going to go sledding, “ said Tenille Poole about her four-year-old daughter Lennon.

The chicken, named Chickyboo sat calmly on Lennon’s saucer while she pushed the saucer up the snowpile.

“She started pushing the saucer up the hill and the chicken sat there, so she hopped on and down they came,” Poole said. “We intentionally did a snowhill for Lennon and we didn’t expect a chicken to take advantage.”

She recorded a video of the sliding duo on Feb. 20 at their home in the Grandora area and posted it to Facebook where it has garnered hundreds of views.

“It’s not uncommon for her to go out and sit in the chicken coop and hang out with the birds, but this Chickyboo is fairly tame so Lennon can pick her up and carry her around,” Poole said.

“This is next level that’s for sure.”