SASKATOON -- Canadian Geographic is teaming up with Saskatchewan’s Metis community to preserve an Indigenous language.

Michif is a Metis language about 600 Canadians speak, according to Canada’s most recent census.

“It’s not spoken very much anymore, it’s in danger of being lost,” said Sherry Soll, Metis Nation-Saskatchewan’s minister of heritage and language.

“I grew up knowing what it’s like to not know the language, so for me, it’s very personal.”

On Wednesday Canadian Geographic announced it’s spending $1.8 million on projects to preserve Michif.

“It’ll include a documentary film, it’ll include stuff on social media, for example: a Michif word of the day,” said Gilles Gagnier, chief operating officer and publisher of Canadian Geographic.

Gagnier said the project is the magazine’s step in reconciliation.

There will also be a type of summer camp for children to learn Michif during Back to Batoche Days.

“As they grow, parents and grandparents start learning words from the youth, so it’s very important to start from the ground up,” Soll said.