With the opening of Saskatchewan’s first children’s hospital just four days away, those on the front lines are working to ensure the transition runs smoothly.

The health authority has hired a company that specializes in moving hospitals. Hospital Relocation has been on site for months to help with logistics.

Staff have been going through multiple mock up scenarios, including recreating mass casualties where many patients are brought in by helicopter, ground ambulance and on foot.

“It’s very interesting to see the small things that come out - like how do you open the sliding door so you can open it like a regular door so you can get more space to get a bigger stretcher in. Do you have to push here on the door or there on the door. Little things like that come out. We’ve gone down to that level so that we can make sure that on opening day, that it’s business as usual, ” said Dr. Ron Siemens, Interim Provincial Head of Pediatrics and emergency room doctor.

He said they’ve ironed out the kinks and are ready when the doors open Sunday. He will be on the inaugural shift in the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital in the pediatric emergency department.

A 6 a.m. Sunday, the doors of the current emergency department will close and the doors of the JPCH will open for adults and children.

“If you go to the old emergency door just keep going about a hundred meters and you'll be at the new emergency," he said.

Up to 90 pediatric patients could be moving in on Sunday morning as well. Patients will be taken down the main elevators in the Royal University Hospital, which have been timed out to ensure quick transport especially of critical care patients.

Most outpatient clinics will begin Monday in the new building.