SASKATOON -- It's the largest basketball tournament in Saskatoon and in 2020 the Bedford Road Invitational Tournament turns 52.

The three-day tournament held this weekend features three Saskatoon high school teams plus a handful of regional high schools and some of the top high school teams across the country.

In his sixth year coaching the Bedford Redhawks, Eric Fahie said the packed gym adds to an incredible atmosphere his team looks forward to every year.

"We know going into it, it's going to be electric, especially the Friday afternoon games in front of all the elementary school kids. The gym is packed to the rafters and it leads us to have more energy and hopefully it enhances our focus," he said.

However, the tournament wasn't too friendly for the host team. The Redhawks dropped their first two games, bumping them out of a chance to play for the BRIT title.

Holy Cross and St. Joseph's reached the quarterfinals being played throughout the day and into the night on Friday.

Fahie is hopeful for a better result next year, with all but one player returning to the hard court.

Two out of province teams, the Handsworth Royals from Vancouver and the Oak Park Raiders from Winnipeg, played in the first quarterfinal.

Randy Storey with the Royals has been to the BRIT in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

"I love that this is an offer up to our kids, this is a reward to the dedication of our kids. Our kids picked this over Hawaii in 2007 so I think the kids really treasure it," Storey said.

"Most of these kids have never been to Saskatchewan. I think they're finding it kind of cold but it's the experience that I think is rewarding."

The tournament goes through to Saturday with the championship game tipping off at 9 p.m. at Bedford Road Collegiate.