An entire team of sled dogs was destroyed over the weekend in northern Saskatchewan, after one of them mauled a four-year-old boy near Southend.

A relative has identified the boy as Kalvie Jobb. The child's uncle Ronnie Jobb tells CTV his nephew has lost the use of an eye and is undergoing skin grafts to his face at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

It happened Saturday on the Peter Ballantyne First Nation. In an interview from his home in the northern community, 37-year-old Jobb says word of the dog attack came as quite a blow.

"I was shocked and scared for the little boy," he said.

RCMP say after treatment at the Southend medical clinic, Kalvie Jobb was flown by air ambulance to Saskatoon.

Ronnie Jobb says the boy's grandfather Daniel Jobb was helping feed a relative's sled dogs. He says Kalvie approached a dog that was not leashed, and the animal attacked him. He says the boy had been told to stay in the truck, but did not.

RCMP say the dog that attacked Kalvie Jobb was run over by a vehicle. The uncle says 13 other dogs on the team were shot immediately after the incident.

Police say the community acted swiftly to deal with the incident which is not considered suspicious in any way.

Southend is at the southern tip of Reindeer Lake, about 600 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.