SASKATOON -- A toddler with a rare skin disease had a shipment of his medical supplies stolen from his front porch.

Leo Leptich, who is nearly two years old, was born with epidermolysis bullosa, a rare and painful blistering skin disease.

The incurable genetic disorder is often referred to as “butterfly skin." The condition leaves the entire body delicate and easily able to blister from even the slightest friction.

The toddler relies on medical bandages to prevent painful cuts or blistering.

But on Tuesday the bandages were stolen from his home in the Riversdale neighbourhood, according to the boy’s parents.

"We came home and there was one box of bandages and brought it inside and thought that’s all that got delivered. But when I looked through them later, there was something obviously missing because there wasn’t a packing slip or anything," Leo’s father Adam Leptich said in an interview.

"So I looked at my camera. To see people steal that kind of stuff, it’s heartbreaking."

He shared footage from their doorbell camera on Facebook, in hopes of catching the thieves.

"If anybody knows these ladies please pass their names on to the police," Leptich wrote.

The video appears to show two people taking the boxes and loading them into a dark-coloured van.

The Facebook post has been viewed more than 77,000 times.

Police are investigating the incident.