A Saskatoon Fire Department diver found the body of a male in the river around 5:42 p.m. Thursday, the fire department says.

The body was found near the person's last known location near the Victoria Boathouse.

Upon recovery and removal of the body from the river, the scene was turned over to the Saskatoon Police Service and the Office of the Chief Coroner for further investigation.

The fire department had responded early in the afternoon to a 911 call of a person in distress near the boathouse, deploying water rescue boats equipped with sonar technology and firefighter-divers.

A passerby provided CTV News video of a woman who was kayaking when she saw the incident and called 911.

The woman said she thought she should try and help the person.

"If he gets into trouble and I have my rope, I thought I could throw him but then he went under for a short time and then he came up and was coughing, and I had my back to him and I turned around and looked at him and I couldn't see him anymore."