PRINCE ALBERT -- Patrons of Little Red River Park will now be able to have breakfast, lunch and supper at a restaurant in the Cosmopolitan Lodge.

Barb Lychak opened the Knotty Pine Bistro on Monday, the last day of summer.

The bistro serves full meals and offers premium coffees, teas, smoothies and baked treats.

Lychak is a chef and says she’s has worked in the food services industry for most of her life.

She says she’s excited to be the creative mind behind the new menu at the Knotty Pine Bistro and describes it as comfort food.

“I had over 10,000 views on the Facebook page. A lot of people had texted me saying they’ve seen the menu and they can’t wait to try it,” Lychak said.

She says the signature dish on the menu is the Pine Burger. She’s also creating weekly features to keep the menu fresh to regular patrons.

Lychak received a five-year operating agreement from the city to lease the space in the Cosmo Lodge and operate the restaurant.

“There is a feeling that there is a lot of untapped potential at Little Red River Park,” City of Prince Albert parks manager Tim Yeamen said in a news release.

The bistro is part of a larger strategy to renew the park, increase attendance and make it more of destination for residents and visitors, he said.

Prior to the Knotty Pine Bistro, the Metis Women’s Society had the lease for the space and ran a drop-in concession in the lodge.

The interior of the lodge has since been renovated and some new features like tables and counters have been brought in.

The Knotty Pine Bistro employees two people full-time, one person part-time and one person on a casual basis.