Saskatoon Police are on the lookout for bicycle violations, but cyclists might be surprised to learn what isn’t on the list.

In 2007, the city voted down a plan to make helmets mandatory for kids under 18, saying at the time they feared it would make kids less active.

Troy Davies from MD Ambulance supports the idea of making the head gear mandatory. “We've been partners with the Saskatchewan brain injuries association and we've been definitely on board with them asking for bike helmets to be mandatory for anyone under 18," he said.

While there’s no law to enforce helmets, police said they do recommend the public wears them. Members of their bike patrols visit schools to promote bike safety, including wearing helmets.

British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Manitoba all have laws enforcing helmet use. Saskatchewan is only one of three provinces that don’t.

“The bad thing on bikes is you don't have the airbags, you don't have the protection of a steel frame around you, you’re pretty much on your own,” Davies said.

One bike accessory that is mandatory is a bell. Also on the list are lights, reflectors, and brakes in good working order. The fine for not having a bell is $25.

“The areas we’ll be focusing on is mostly where pedestrians are walking most – and we try and really enforce the bridge activity,” said staff sergeant Tony Nadon.

Police will be out enforcing bike safety for the rest of the summer.