SASKATOON -- A new film about a Saskatchewan farmer's fight against one of the largest corporations in the world has stirred controversy in Saskatchewan’s agriculture community

The film, Percy, is based on the story of Bruno, Sask. farmer Percy Schmeiser.

In 1998, Monsanto took Schmeiser to court for using its genetically modified, patented canola seeds without a licence.

Schmeiser denied he had used the seeds, saying they could have been blown over from a neighbour's farm or passing trucks.

The case went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and Schmeiser lost the battle.

Now, 22 years later, a movie has been made.

Christopher Walken plays the role of the 70-year-old farmer who is portrayed as battling Monsanto in a David vs. Goliath fight.

However, some in Saskatchewan say that what is shown in the film's trailer and what is being billed as a "true story" isn't based on facts.

“The whole premise of the movie is based on lies Schmeiser has been telling for over 20 years,’ said Agri-Food Innovation & Sustainability Enhancement Chair at the University of Saskatchewan, Stuart Smyth.

As an example of why he believes the film is inaccurate, Smyth said the crops Schmeiser claimed had blown into his field appeared to have been planted in rows.

Attempts by CTV News to contact Schmeiser or his family to speak about the film were unsuccessful.

“I think in terms of overall inconsistencies, again we go back to (the movie) probably being more of a one-sided depiction, and I think a lot of that is selling movies,” said University of Saskatchewan agriculture professor, Christian Willenborg.

“Hollywood loves the underdog, which Mr. Schmeiser certainly was,” said Willenborg.

Willenborg grew up in Bruno when the events took place and said that many things happened behind the scenes that didn’t seem to make it into the trailer. 

However, he said the movie looks like it will attract viewers and tell a compelling story.

“I do think it’s great that Saskatchewan is the target of a big-screen picture,” said Willenborg.

“It’s too bad they couldn’t film it here.”

The movie was shot in Manitoba, so this has caused some discrepancies to the story as well.

“If you look at the drone shots, if you’ve ever been to Bruno - it has hills everywhere it’s not flat with hay bales everywhere,” said Willenborg.

The initial movie poster also was incorrect, showing Schmeiser standing in a field of corn instead of Canola.

Percy began showing in theatres across Canada on Friday.

--With files from the Canadian Press