SASKATOON -- The Oliver Lodge Special Care Home in Saskatoon is extending restrictions after a COVID-19 outbreak.

Three cases have been detected, though no residents have tested positive, according to a letter to residents.

“This change in status does not change the current restrictions at Oliver Lodge, but unfortunately it does extend them,” the letter says.

Indoor visits remain restricted to end of life and compassionate visits.

The outbreak was declared June 25, according to the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Oliver lodge executive director Frank Suchorab said in a statement: “All residents and staff are doing well. Full outbreak precautions are in place. Everyone looking forward to seeing precautions end.”

Resident Morris Tkachuk, 72, says he’s frustrated. Residents will be confined to their floor only, unable to see family or friends, until the end of July.

“Talking to some of the residents earlier this morning, and they feel like we’re just forgotten people."

All residents have had two COVID-19 vaccinations, Tkachuk said.

He is also concerned for the staff at the lodge who he says must wear full face shields. He would like to see staff members who are not vaccinated wearing full face shields and be identified as not having the vaccine so that residents can choose care by certain staff members.