SASKATOON -- Gather groceries; give groceries - that is the mission of the grade 12 student, Jordan Reekie.

 For two months Reekie, has been collecting donations in the community to give to local food banks. The project is called 4G Saskatoon. 

Reekie says that due to the pandemic, she was unable to continue volunteering but still wanted to help her community. 

“I loved volunteering at the long-term care facility, and I knew I wanted to do something else,” she said. 

Every Wednesday, Reekie picks up donations from local families' doorsteps and then delivers the donations to a local food bank the next day. 

Reekie got her inspiration for this project from witnessing the hardships some families face. 

“I was working in a grocery store for over a year and a half and I saw often that families had to put away items just because they did not have enough money that week,” said Reekie.

“That really brought to my attention the struggle of food poverty in Saskatoon.”

Reekie says she has not had a week where someone has not donated since she started. She says that this picking up people’s donations gives them the opportunity to donate even with the pandemic. 

“People who have COVID concerns, transportation concerns or just don’t have time can still donate to the food bank,” said Reekie.

Reekie has been connecting with community members through social media and she has put posters up to get the city more involved. 

“I also go on my own to grocery stores and look for deals with any non-perishable items and pick those up as well,” she said.

Her goal is to donate 500 pounds of groceries to local food banks by the New Year and so far has surpassed half of her goal in just two months. 

“We have already reached halfway, which is super exciting,” she said.

The Saskatoon Food Bank says that it is efforts like Reekie's that give them hope. 

Especially during this time of year when the need for donations will increase during the holiday season.

“It takes all of us working together in a concerted effort to make sure that people have what they need,” said Director of Operations and Engagement at the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre, Deborah Hamp.

"We've had a wonderful outpouring of support and we look forward to that support continuing over the next few crucial months,” Hamp said. 

The food bank says they love to see youth stepping up to make change.

“We know that young people are very invested in giving back. And so we love seeing youth getting involved and really dig in and try and make a difference in their community.” 

Reekie has donated to the Saskatoon food bank, the lighthouse and the friendship inn. 

“I just love this project because it really just relies on the giving nature of Saskatoon citizens so I really love that people are already wanting to give and just because the barriers are out of the way I’m able to help them give,” said Reekie.