A Saskatoon-based video game developer is one of Canada’s best game makers, according to Apple’s app store.

Noodlecake Studios, the seven-year-old mobile game developer, has created hundreds of games, both in-house and for third-party companies. Their most notable game is Super Stickman Golf.

“It’s very humbling, very shocking to say the least,” said Ryan Holowaty, Noodlecake’s vice president of business.

“To be profiled by a company like Apple as one of the top makers in Canada is pretty humbling and we’re very excited.”

Noodlecake’s recognition is part of Apple’s “Made in Canada” series, which sees the company acknowledge app developers across the country in honour of the nation’s 150th birthday.

The CEO of Noodlecake says it’s not only an accomplishment for his company, but also for the province.

“I don’t think many people know that stuff like this is happening in Saskatoon or Saskatchewan, so it’s cool to shed the light on the tech industry here and let people know that there’s really cool stuff happening,” Jordan Schidlowsky says.

Noodlecake’s acknowledgement comes in the same week they published their latest app, Invert. The game tasks players to solve puzzles, similar to a Rubik’s Cube.

Invert is the app featured in Apple’s “Made in Canada” series.

Apple will feature a different Canadian app maker in the next few weeks.