A man was sentenced Thursday for his role in a home invasion that ended with the death of 25-year-old Corey Favel.

Dustin Sand received nine years for manslaughter in the October 2015 home invasion on Garrison Crescent. He had pleaded guilty to both crimes and another home invasion near Prince Albert.

Favel was shot and killed by the homeowner. Sand never entered the house but was charged because he planned the crime that led to Favel’s death.

In his written decision, Justice Richard Danyliuk said Sand arranged the home invasion based on anger, jealousy and greed, and in planning the invasion Sand did a “truly horrible thing.”

According to the decision, the home Sand targeted was a “drug house” where Sand had been in a relationship with a woman who lived there dealing drugs and Sand had also worked as “muscle,” and that Sand planned the home invasion when he was replaced in the role.

The decision outlined how Sand recruited four others, including Favel, to commit the crime and signaled which home he wished to target by leaving a pop can in the driveway.

“He sent those four young men into that house when he knew, or certainly should have known, that someone would be armed with a firearm. One of those young men ended up dead by following Mr. Sand’s actions. I do not know if Mr. Sand will ever be able to wash that blood off his hands,” Danyliuk said.

Danyliuk noted that Sand had said he was “smart” – but in fact was an “abject failure at being criminal.”

“If he is smart as he believes himself to be, he should turn to legitimate business and strive for an honourable life.”

Sand received a concurrent seven-year sentence for the home invasion itself. He was also handed a non-concurrent six-year sentence for the rural home invasion near Prince Albert which led to a man being hospitalized.