The American Medical Association has reclassified obesity from a ‘condition’ to a ‘disease.’

It’s a problem that has been growing for years in Canada and the rest of the world, to the point that it is now considered one of the leading causes of preventable death in Canada.

The problem is especially prevalent in Saskatchewan.

In the Saskatoon Health Region, a staggering 57 per cent of adults describe themselves as over-weight or obese.

While there are many factors that can tip the scales of obesity, the two biggest are still a poor diet and lack of exercise.

"There is a thinking out there that all obesity issues are the fault of the actual person who is obese,” said Dr. Anna Reid, president of the Canadian Medical Association.

“But we know it’s very complex and the result of many socio-economic factors.”

By the end of the summer, the CMA may follow its American counterpart in declaring obesity a disease, Reid said, adding that “obesity experts in both Canada and the United States have been calling obesity a disease for some time.”

While a lack of sleep or a person’s metabolism can contribute to obesity, a healthy lifestyle can reverse the related effects.

The Saskatoon Health Region offers the “Live Well” program for those who are fighting obesity.