Accusations of inappropriate workplace behaviour against a Meadow Lake RCMP commander won’t be tested following news the staff sergeant is retiring.

An internal RCMP hearing scheduled for next month to deal with allegations against Staff Sgt. Tim Korman, who is currently on medical leave, was recently cancelled because Korman is planning to retire before the hearing takes place. The allegations — he’s facing a total of five internal complaints — won’t be heard because no hearing will be held and because Mounties are not planning to pursue criminal charges.

Neither Korman nor the RCMP gave significant details Monday about the allegations, but a spokesperson for the police service used the words “bullying” and “gender-based discrimination” to describe the accusations.

“A number of employees brought some issues to senior management, a code of conduct was ordered and an investigation took place,” Saskatchewan RCMP superintendent Kris Vibe said.

A person close to the RCMP said some members believe Korman is retiring to avoid the hearing and are upset he will receive an RCMP pension.

The accusations involve harassment and sexual harassment, according to the source — who CTV News has agreed to offer anonymity to prevent disciplinary action against the source.

Korman, who has cancer, told CTV he’s retiring solely because of health issues.

“I don’t need the additional stress. I have nothing to say to them. I’m not thinking of them. I’m thinking myself and my wellbeing,” he said.

The commander, who was suspended with pay in the summer of 2014 before eventually moving to medical leave, faced another internal complaint in 2009. He was accused of sexual harassment.

The complaint was eventually dismissed by an RCMP disciplinary committee, and Korman said he filed a grievance against the investigation process.

The grievance has yet to be addressed, according to Korman.

Vibe said the RCMP’s disciplinary process has since been revamped and added that the RCMP has zero tolerance for inappropriate workplace behaviour.

Korman, who was promoted to sergeant from corporal after the 2009 complaint was dismissed, denies all of the allegations.

None of the allegations have been proven before a disciplinary hearing.