SASAKATOON -- One part of the day many students look forward to in school is lunch hour, for some merely a break from studies, for others a chance to eat a nutritious meal.

But now that schools are closed because of COVID-19, a local organization focused on food security wants to ensure students are not stuck with an empty plate.

"A number of children throughout the city have depended on school food programs for their food security. So that's a huge issue now,” Jean Goerzen, Interim Executive Director for CHEP Good Food, said in an interview with CTV News.

From a kitchen at Station 20 West, they are packing 150 bag lunches a day for distribution to students at the Friendship Inn.

But with many being asked to stay home, combined with the complicated logistics of delivery, CHEP is working to find a way to get the food out to the neighbourhoods.

"Even if we could set up a school bus in a school parking lot at least it's familiar territory for people. they don't have to come too far. We can totally respect the (two metre) distance necessity," Goerzen said.

"So we go to the people rather than people having to come out to us."

In an email, the Saskatoon Public School Division said it's working with community partners regarding support for students that accessed school nutrition programs.

"We are discussing many ideas with our community partners for supporting students and families. one of the ideas being looked at is the pick-up option in school parking lots." Saskatoon Public Schools said.