SASKATOON -- COVID-19 is hitting close to home for James Smith Cree Nation members.

A letter notifying members of a positive case in the community was delivered on Sunday.

A man in his 40s tested positive for the virus on Friday, according to Chief Wally Burns.

Burns said it’s believed the man contracted the virus after visiting Prince Albert or Saskatoon.

“It’s a wake-up call for the community,” Burns told CTV News.

He said the community is taking physical distancing recommendations more seriously, now that there’s a positive case.

“The day before we got word of the case, people were talking face-to-face. Then all of a sudden, when word got out that we had a case, you could see the transition — now they’re 10 feet apart,” Burns said.

The man who tested positive has been self-isolating at his home.

James Smith Cree Nation is about 70 kilometres east of Prince Albert.