SASKATOON -- A Saskatoon woman bought three dozen eggs from her local Wal-Mart, and when she went to cook them up she was in for a surprise.

“I was just kind of like ‘oh look a double yolk’ and I would crack another one in the pan and I was like ‘oh, two double yolks, this is crazy’ and so on and so forth. Then it was shocking” Holly Kurysh told CTV.

It is the same brand of eggs she always buys and Kurysh said having a double yolk used to be a once a year occurrence at the most, but this time almost every single one of the three dozen was the same.

CTV News spoke with Cam Broten, Executive Director of Saskatchewan Egg Producers. Broten said sometimes younger hens will lay double eggs, and it is normal.

Broten said eggs undergo a process called "candling," where the eggs are examined with a light to see the inside.

"The eggs are delivered to a grading station where they are cleaned, candled, sorted and packaged. During the candling, the double yolk eggs are identified and packaged together,” Broten told CTV.

“Some egg brands will market cartons as double yolk eggs and some will choose not to. Either way, it’s the same natural goodness in each carton.”

Initially, Kurysh thought it was a statistical anomaly, but upon hearing about the candling process, she is relieved that this isn’t a big coincidence, and is hoping all of the double yolks could bring her luck.

“I think it’s fun, anytime you crack and egg and find something exciting inside,” said Kurysh.