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A Saskatoon landlord tried to evict a woman for coming up $150 short on rent

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The owners of a Saskatoon apartment building tried to evict a woman for coming up $150 short on rent, according to a report from the office of residential tenancies.

Rent on the apartment at 3609 Chaben Place was $1,200 a month, hearing officer Kim Petrescue writes, and the woman only paid $1,050 at the beginning of July.

On July 18, the landlord served her an eviction notice — she was 15 days or more in arrears.

“The tenant has failed to vacate the premises in accordance with the notice,” Petrescue says.

So the landlord applied to the Office of Residential Tenancies (ORT) for an order of possession for the property, which would give them the power to force the tenant out.

On August 1, the woman another payment of $1,050 — bringing the tab up to $300.

At the hearing with the ORT, she explained her situation.

“The tenant gave evidence that she had some personal issues and had a lot going on,” Petrescue says.

“She stated that she had been in contact with her worker and the arrears should be paid in full by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. She stated that her rent would be covered in full going forward.”

Not fully satisfied with the promise, the landlord went ahead with the application, but said they wouldn’t enforce it if they got their $300 by the following Wednesday.

Petrescue granted the order, and the tenant was also ordered to pay the landlord’s $50 application fee.

“This order does not preclude the landlord from making a monetary claim against the tenant for damages not adjudicated in this order,” Pretrescue said. Top Stories


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