SASKATOON -- It’s been more than a month since 22-year-old Mackenzie Lee Trottier was in contact with her family.

“This is probably a parent's worst nightmare,” said her father, Paul Trottier.

“McKenzie leaves for periods of time but has always been in contact with the family.”

On Dec. 22 she was at her parents’ home and told them she would be back in time for Christmas.

On Dec. 24 her family noticed her phone was dead.

Since then her phone hasn’t been used and she has posted no updates on social media.

Saskatoon Police Service spokesperson Kelsie Fraser said police continue to investigate her disappearance.

Anyone who may have seen her is asked to contact police or CrimeStoppers.

“People on the streets looking for her right now is what’s really important,” Trottier.

“Mackenzie is basically a kind, smart person and gentle person. She loves her animals. She’s loved by many people. She’s a sister, she’s daughter, she’s a niece and she’s loved.”

A Facebook group has been formed to help find her and raise money for the search.

Mackenzie Trottier is described as five feet tall and 145 pounds with blonde, medium length hair which is shaved on the right side.

She has green eyes, a fair complexion, broken front teeth and a tattoo on her right ankle. She usually wears heavy make up, black yoga pants, a heavy green jacket and carries a large purse.