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'A painful decision': Saskatoon SPCA will no longer investigate animal abuse, neglect

Saskatoon -

The city's animal protection organization says it will soon stop investigating cases of alleged animal abuse or neglect.

The Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) will cease its enforcement role on April 1.

The SPCA shared the news in a release sent to media on Monday.

"To my knowledge, the Saskatoon SPCA and the Regina Humane Society are the only law enforcement agencies in Saskatchewan funded through donation," Saskatoon SPCA executive director Graham Dickson said in the release.

"This was a painful decision for our organization. We simply do not have the resources or funding to equip our officers properly and safely enforce the provincial law the way our community needs."

The SPCA said a request for provincial funding was turned down last year.

The Regina Humane Society was also involved in the pitch for funding, the SPSA said.

In its release, the SPCA pointed to $2.8M in provincial funding it says the non-profit Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan has received over the past three years for enforcement purposes.

"We will work with government to support the transition and advocate for the enforcement of the Animal Protection Act in Saskatoon," Dickson said.

"Animal abusers must be held accountable."

In 2021, the Saskatoon SPCA investigated 865 cases of alleged animal abuse or neglect, according to the organization.

It will continue to operate the city's animal shelter, municipal pound and provide adoption services. Top Stories

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