SASKATOON -- It’s been five years since the Singbeil family has heard from Kandice.

Surveillance video from May 26, 2015, shows the then 32-year-old riding her bicycle in the 200 block of Third Avenue South.

According to police it’s the last time anyone reported seeing Singbeil, but both police and her family haven’t given up hope.

“Don’t we always want answers and closure, you know, put some answers and meaning to things. Definitely not knowing is very painful,” said Pauline Singbeil, Kandice’s mother.

Kandice Singbeil’s birthday is Friday. Her family and police shared her story during Missing Persons Week.

“It’s something you live with daily, hourly, monthly. It’s always a part of you that’s not there,” Pauline said.

While her disappearance remains suspicious, Saskatoon police consider her a historic missing person because she’s been missing for more than six months.

“What we try to do as a service is bring that story back to the forefront to keep it in the media to continue to reach out to community so they bring forward tips,” said Dorthea Swiftwolfe, Missing Person Liaison with the Saskatoon Police’s Victim Services Unit.