SASKATOON -- Over two dozen people have been tested for the coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, in Saskatchewan, but all results have come back negative, according to the province’s health ministry.

Colleen Book, senior media relations consultant with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, could not comment on whether anyone is in quarantine in the province, citing privacy concerns, and said the risk of COVID-19 remains low for Canadians.

A total of 27 people have been tested for the virus so far, she said.

Dr. Saqib Shahab, the province’s chief medical health officer, said the 27 people who have been tested travelled to one or more of the seven countries with active travel health notices and experienced symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

That list includes China, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Northern Italy, Singapore and South Korea.

Book said the Public Health Agency of Canada is working with the Canadian Border Services Agency to put additional screening in place at airports that receive international travelers.

She said people who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 are referred to a hospital for testing.

Shahab said he’s keeping an eye on how countries dealing with outbreaks are responding.

"Whatever we know from the U.S. experience, and from what's happened in South Korea and Italy, is we know countries with health systems similar to ours, that you can have a situation where you can have community transmission and a larger number of guests with no travel history,” he said.

Seniors and people with chronic illnesses may be at a higher risk for a more severe form of the virus, Shahab said.

CTV News also reached out to some local drug stores that said they’ve seen a spike in face mask purchases.

At least two stores have been sold out of face masks for the last couple of weeks.