SASKATOON -- Lines of people wrapped around Saskatoon SARCAN locations on its reopening day Monday, after months of being closed due to the COVID-19 public health order.

At the Sutherland location, the first customer arrived two hours early with 80 bags filled with recycling.

“He brought in a U-Haul full of containers, about 80 bags, which is probably going to be about $250 worth of containers alone. And he said he’s going to be back later in the week,” Sean Homenick, a spokesperson for SARCAN, said. 

Bob Martin, who’s been working at SARCAN for 29 years, said it’s the busiest he’s seen. 

“It’s been more busy than Christmas time,” Martin told CTV News.

SARCAN Saskatoon

With the reopening, comes new cleaning and physical distancing rules. 

A staff member stands by the door to ensure the building is not over-capacity, and glass barriers have been set up in front of staff sorting recycling. 

Homenick said with the new measures in place, the service is not as quick as it was in the past.

“We’re encouraging people, if your recycling can wait and you don’t need the money right away, give it a few weeks because we are going to be busy,” he said.