SASKATOON -- Public Prosecutions has dropped a $14,000 fine issued to the Prince Albert Full Gospel Outreach Centre in October for allegedly violating COVID-19 public health orders.

A series of revival meetings led to 175 cases of COVID-19 in at least 17 communities across the province, according to a Saskatchewan Health Authority update earlier this year.

In an emailed statement, the Ministry of Justice said Public Prosecutions only proceeds with cases when there’s a reasonable likelihood of conviction and when it is in the public’s interest to continue.

“The standard was not met in this case, as the evidence did not provide a reasonable likelihood of conviction,” reads the statement.

“We understand that public health authorities have been able to meaningfully engage with the gospel outreach centre to ensure its practices comply with public health orders. As a result of this and other circumstances in this case, it was determined that it was not in the public interest to proceed.”