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12-year-old boy brings solar system to Saskatoon

A Saskatchewan boy’s most recent project is out of this world. The 12-year-old is bringing the solar system to Saskatoon.

Roman Rabbitskin has a passion for studying outer space.

“I’ve been fascinated with it since I was young,” he said.

He spent the past year scaling the solar system to the size of his neighborhood.

“I was bored so I decided to start doing calculations and how far some of the planet models would be,” he said.

He used Google Maps to measure the distance between planets and then marked the areas with images and information on each planet.

His grandmother Elsie Piche Johnson said she’s proud of him.

“I’m glad he wants to share his knowledge with everybody else. It’s not everyday you [get] to walk the universe here on earth,” she said.

The scale wraps around Silverwood Heights and Lawson Heights area. It starts on Pinehouse Drive with the sun, and ends with the dwarf planet Eris near Wanuskewin Road and Nordstrom Road.

Amateur Astronomer Tim Yaworski said the idea is genius.

“I was very impressed by the scale he created, not only has he made it sort of true to life in the actual dimensions, but he chose a very large scale,” Yaworski said.

Rabbitskin has stars in his eyes and hopes to be an astrophysicist. Top Stories

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